Our Mission

Simply, we want to bring beauty to your bike. We want you to be able to expression yourself. We also want to build a community of cyclist who ride for the joy of it. When you love your bike accessories, you want to ride more often. Our products are globally handcrafted and are wearable art that makes it easy to cycle in style.

Our History

In 2018, we visited 22 bike shows as we cycled across Canada. We saw plain, uninspiring products. We knew we could do better for all those who love to ride. International bike culture offers attractive products and we wanted this for urban cyclists in Canada.

Meet the Curators

Founder, Kathy Manners has been on a bike since she got her first CCm bike as a child. The freedom to tour by bike has been a passion she aspires to share with others. Kathy love of innovation and art inspired the idea for handcrafted and wearable art products for urban cyclists.

In 2018, Kathy, along with her two cycling pals, Jane Sorenson and Nynka Greer cycled 4201 kms in 82 days to accomplish a later in life dream. Their motto was  “Go fast enough to get there but slow enough to see" .You are never fit enough, organized enough or fearless enough to reach any goal, they encourage all to just move forward and let your dream work with you.

Jane support the growth of Pedal People by offering her business expertise and love of community building. You will see Jane, beside Kathy at the many shows where they display their products.

To learn more about their cross Canada adventure, visit:


Our Partnerships

We are a community-focused business that offers fair business practices with local and global artists. We offer a cooperative spirit with other cycling organizations. Our partnership approach started with supporting the work of Share the Road. The Share the Road Cycling Coalition is a provincial cycling advocacy organization working to build a bicycle-friendly Ontario.www.sharetheroad.ca

A percentage of our sales goes to Share the Road to support their work.