Katie Green

I am a  painter and printmaker working across the  medium of watercolours, block printing and screen printing. My work is in many private collections and my designs are worn/shared widely in the area. I live and work in Barrie, ON but get my inspiration from the things around me both locally and while traveling.


Paul Shilling

For me, painting is a medium for healing, for celebrating the spirit, and it is a gift. It is an opportunity to explore and understand myself, and my place and relationship within the circle of creation. 

As an aboriginal man, I feel the need to shred the image that was taught to me as a child-that I was undesirable, shameful, unworthy. As I express myself, I heal myself.


Zemen Amour Tefera

Fashion gives me voice.

Behind every product there is a story of a woman who’s life has been changed by their work at Amour Leather. Realizing my dream is helping other women realize theirs.

I was born and live in Ethiopia. I want to make a difference in the fashion world. This line of bike bags is exclusive to Pedal People.

I want all women to be strong and powerful.