When we rode across Canada in 2018, we saw a lot of cyclists and bike shops. So much of the equipment used in cycling is black and boring. When in Quebec, I picked up a helmet with flowers on it and it made me happy… my happy helmet. It gave me the opportunity for self-expression and added some joy to my ride. Now we strive to bring that same joy and individuality to all of you.

Kathryn Manners

As a young girl, I traveled far and wide on my bike. As I got older, I realized I could not ride forever. At 56 years old, I gathered my pals and we headed across Canada to Victoria, BC. 4802 kilometers later, we rode into St. John’s, NL. During that ride, I was inspired to open a cycling business that shared that youthful love of cycling with my admiration for art.

Jane Sorensen

I started to ride more seriously when I was much older. After my first touring adventure with my partner, I fell in love with seeing places on my bike. After meeting Nynka Greer and hearing about her adventure crossing Canada on her bike, it became a part of my bucket list. In 2018, Nynka, Kathy and I started our cross Canada Adventure. On the adventure we visited many cycling shops and met lots of other cyclists. We decided that the cycling world needed more colour and variety. Kathy, the genius behind this idea and me a thoughtful willing supporter decided to do what we can to influence the cycling market to add more colour, more art and more joy to your ride.

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