Our Story

We, like you, are pedal people. We love to ride our bikes.


Our Hope

Through our globally handcrafted products and artisan-involvement, we want you to express yourself by bringing beauty to your bike.


Our products are made for the urban cyclist—whether you’re riding around town, commuting to work, or meeting a friend for coffee. Our products offer function, fashion, and fun on and off-road. We believe that when you love your bike accessories, you want to ride more often. And what better way to ride than in style?

Our History

After biking across Canada in 2018, we were tired of seeing boring, black bike accessories. This inspired us to create Pedal People as a means of expressing your unique personality, and not getting caught in the crowd. 


We also have a deep respect and appreciation for artisans. The love and spirit that goes into creating a piece of art aligns with the love and energy that goes into riding a bike. We have partnered with some amazing artists from all over the world to design items that help you find your personal style and spirit while cycling.

Our Founder and Creative Curators

Founder, Kathy Manners, has been cycling since hopping on her first CCM bike as a child. Now, she aspires to share her passion for bike touring with others. Kathy’s love of innovation and art inspired her to create handcrafted and wearable art products for urban cyclists, which led to the creation of Pedal People.

Creative Curator, Jane Sorensen, supports the growth of Pedal People by offering her business expertise and love of community building. You will see Jane and Kathy side by side at the many shows where they display their products.

In 2018, a year before Pedal People became a reality, Kathy and Jane, along with cycling pal Nynka Greer, cycled across Canada. This three-month, 4201km trip became a later-in-life dream come true. Their motto was, “Go fast enough to get there but slow enough to see.” 

To learn more about their cross-Canada adventure, visit: